Skin Care (Location: Milwaukee)

The Always Tan Lubbock Skin Care Center offers the industries’ best in rejuvenating skin care products and services like Beauty Angel and the best Tanning Lubbock could possibly offer. Below are the skin care services available at our Milwaukee location.

Beauty Angel

Beauty Angel

The Amazing Beauty Angel is back at Always Tan. Please contact one of our knowledgable associates about the features and benefits that are available.

Plans & Single Sessions

Credit Plans

Credit plans are great for people that tan more irregularly while not limiting you to specific tanning stations. With credits you can can use tanning and skin care stations at a reduced cost than single session visits, saving you money.

Single Sessions

We offer single sessions for each of our uv tanning beds. Single sessions are by walk-in only. Pricing for single session UV, Sunless Spray and Skin Care differs by equipment. Please come by and speak to one of our helpful staff members for tanning equipment pricing.